Marine Reserves Established!

Marine Reserves Established!

May 7, 2011
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Laguna Bluebelt members attended the Fish and Game Commission meeting in Ontario on May 4th urging the implementation of the reserves without delay.


We were excited to hear the Commissioners voice their strong support and continued commitment to establishing our marine protected areas. It was explained that the legal process requires the Office of Administrative Law to provide a 30 day review before approving the new MPAs.


Commissioners estimate that the process will be concluded in the Fall, before lobster season in October. When implemeted, it will be illegal to take or kill marine life including from our tidepools between Abalone Point in North Laguna to Secret Cove in South Laguna.


We agreed we would all like it finished yesterday, but, at the same time, realize it needs to be done correctly so it is supportable and legally defensible.



See the Video of the Fish and Game meeting and hear our comments.
Laguna Bluebelt members testify at the beginning of the meeting during Public Comments.
It takes several minutes for the video to load.

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