Shoreline Strolls

Shoreline Strolls

May 6, 2011


Today dawned quiet and calm on the beach at Crystal Cove for our walk at Reef Point. No wind, no harsh glare on the water, a minus tide and good tide-pooling.


We saw a Brittle Sea Star a nice treat as they are usually hidden under rocks and hard to find. The waves broke with an even rhythm and the overcast skies softened our vistas. We heard the dolphin before we saw them and the Whimbrel alerted us with their wild and distressing calls……


Walking along the shoreline is a unique opportunity to enjoy the many birds and other sealife that call Laguna home.


It is always an amazing journey – our minds and hearts are crystallized by the early morning light and the complete sense of communion with the shoreline is intensified.



I think the ocean is more vibrant and dynamic than any other ecosystem and we all feel it as we walk along.


Watching the Pelicans dive-bomb, listening to the shoreline wave-break, looking for new pelagic visitors, beachcombing and enjoying the walking group in a quiet way is the best way to start our day!



“With every drop of water you drink, every breath you take, you’re connected to the sea. No matter where on Earth you live.”


Sylvia Earle


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  1. yes, charlotte, dawn patrol is the best way to start our day.
    thnxs for the pics

  2. Charlotte –

    Lovely pics…….. especially the rock formation and the pattern made by the water as it passed over and around the rock …. interesting….. and the comments you posted are a great addition …I hope you’ll be taking some pictures of the pelicans (me and my love of birds). They are so amazing to watch as they fly in formation .

    PS – will you be selling the neck scarf at stores in town?, etsy? or your own website?

  3. Though we never take this beauty for granted, your keen eye and lyrical text capture the experience of our coastline in ways that enhance our appreciation of it.