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Leopard Sharks, <br/>Bat Rays and Me

Leopard Sharks,
Bat Rays and Me

Dec 29, 2011


If you’re (fool) hardy enough to get in the water to snorkel or scuba in the late fall/early winter Read More »
Winter Low Tides

Winter Low Tides



What is hidden under the water during the hot summer sun is uncovered in the cooler winter months. Read More »
Tidepool Tales and Kelp

Tidepool Tales and Kelp

Jun 4, 2011
You don’t have to get into the water to notice the tremendous increase in the kelp forest off Laguna over the last year. A number of groups including thousands of individuals Read More »
Tidepool Tales

Tidepool Tales

Mar 31, 2011
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Trivia Snail

Welcome to Tidepool Tales!
We want this to be a fun and informative blog, sharing photos and observations from the Laguna Bluebelt.

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