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All Activities Are Allowed Except the Killing of Marine Life. The State’s Marine Life Protection Act (MLPA) staff have verified that a State Marine Reserve along Laguna will NOT prevent people from walking on the beach, swimming, diving, kayaking, skim boarding, surfing, boating, or any other no-take activities. A Reserve will only prevent the taking of marine life within the marine reserve. With the exception of fishing, we can all enjoy our usual recreational activities.

Our Reserves will serve as Nurseries for the recovery of our marine eco-systems. We like to fish too, but we can’t take all of the fish until there are no fish left. Our fish populations have dropped dramatically despite traditional fishing regulations. As a result, fish landings off our coast are now only 25% of what they were just 10 years ago (CA DFG data). Fishing will not end because of a Marine Reserve in Laguna. Fishermen will have abundant opportunities to the north and south of Laguna as well as outside the new boundaries. We respect our local fishermen, but we need the large lobsters to grow like they used to so that they eat the urchins, so that the urchins don’t eat the kelp, so the kelp beds can grow and the fish can re-populate. It’s not about us or profits to be made. Marine Reserves have worked and have resulted in larger and recovered fish populations.

Show Our City Council Your Support The National Parks were born as a result of support and public pressure. Our City Council has been courageous supporters for a City-wide Reserve. Please show them your support.