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  1. Great to start the integration of the greenbelt and bluebelt

  2. Congrats on an outstanding achievement for the environment and our community! It will be a great thrill for everyone to work together to continue the recovery of the Bluebelt. Your efforts are a huge and historic first step.

  3. Nice website and Facebook connection Jinger! Too bad you can’t get a PayPal link for on-line payment of memberships. So quick and easy. And who knows how much longer we’ll have a Post Office! I will be mailing you my check the old-fashioned way. Thanks for all your hard work and efforts. :>)

  4. Good blogging!

  5. We’ve been residents of Laguna Beach for forty-five years and just recently joined the Bluebelt. About eight years ago, Pam and Bob, a favorite cousin of mine and her husband, visited us for a week. They live on a lake in Michigan so they are like fish in the water. They also spend time in Florida every year, where Bob has done a lot of snorkeling, and he wanted to try it here. Unfortunately, we spend all our interaction with the Pacific just looking at it, and had no knowledge of what was available or even who to contact. The best we could do was suggest Bob call a local surf shop and ask them. He ended up at Aliso Beach, and I don’t think he saw much of anything. Besides that, at one point they got trapped on the beach on the wrong side of the creek, isolated from their car. I’m now on a campaign to get them to revisit Laguna, because now I have so many delightful friends in the BlueBelt Coalition who are brimming with enthusiasm and information that they’d love to give him. What with the resurgence of the kelp beds and the institution of the Marine Protected Areas, great places to snorkel off Laguna’s shores abound and Bob would have the time of his life. Come back, Bob!

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