About Us

Who is the Laguna Bluebelt Coalition?


The Laguna Bluebelt Coalition brings together organizations and individuals with a common goal of protecting and restoring marine life, conserving biological diversity and maintaining healthy, sustainable marine habitats for all plant, fish and animal species.


We promote education of local marine resources and enforcement of environmental protection laws and regulations. The Coalition seeks to provide a forum for communication, relationship building, and public outreach toward the common goals of caring for the marine life environments of Laguna Beach.


The Laguna Bluebelt is a coalition of strong groups within and around the town of Laguna Beach, California that focus on the marine environment around us.  We have successfully obtained city-wide marine protection.  We now work to inspire people to protect and care for our new reserves in order to attain a robust recovery.


Please join us. This is an exciting time for California’s coastal marine environment.



In appreciation for their work on marine protection, the Laguna Beach City Council awarded the Coalition the 2010 Environmental Award. Please watch the City's video recording of the presentation and acceptance by Coalition representatives.


“I have seen these people in action,” said Mayor Toni Iseman, one of the four council members to support the reserve in Laguna. “They are formidable.”




  • Village Laguna
  • CoastKeeper
  • OC Diving
  • South Laguna Civic Association
  • Zero Trash Laguna