What People Are Saying About The Laguna Bluebelt Coalition

“Their achievement over many years has established a legacy of which all Lagunans can be proud.”
Elizabeth Brown, President, Laguna Greenbelt

“They showed how to campaign sincerely and successfully, turning interpersonal and neighborhood advocacy into a force at the municipal, regional and statewide level.” Greg Helms, Ocean Conservancy

“Laguna is indeed fortunate to reap the benefits of their impressive efforts.”
Barbara and Greg MacGillivray, One World Ocean Foundation

“The Bluebelt’s dedicated members galvanized an entire community to take action to preserve and protect our coastal eco-system.”
Michele McCormick, Transition Laguna

“I deeply appreciate the historic achievement of the Bluebelt Coalition….I am immensely grateful for the work of the Bluebelt Coalition in securig the MLPA and the long term health of Laguna Beach’s priceless ocean ecology.”
Derek Ostensen, Conservation Consultant

“I credit Laguna Bluebelt for the Commission’s unanimous support for Laguna’s marine reserve, including from the Commission’s two sportfishermen members.”
William Steel, Lawyer & Environmentalist

“The Bluebelt Coalition has brought about environmental protections that will benefit Laguna residents for many years to come.”
Judy Teverbaugh, Educator

“With enormous dedication and commitment to our ocean, the Bluebelt Coalition has achieved a distinction that our City decades from now will honor.”
Catharine Cooper, Journalist

“The work to educate and motivate constructive community action to establish ocean sanctuaries takes a colossal effort. The success of the Laguna Bluebelt Coalition will inspire coastal communities around the world to take the challenge and protect their special places for present and future generations. The news of our recent victory to achieve a long held dream of full citywide protection is already echoing through the State and sets a critical precedent for marine life recovery.”
Wyland, Worldwide Marine Life Artist and Educator

“We are part of the marine life ecology and by saving Laguna, we save ourselves. We save our magical connection to the ocean and sea life…It’s eco-logical.”
Robert “Birdlegs” Caughlan, President, Surfrider Foundation (1984-91)

“I have supported the creation of the MLPA, but as an individual I only had one voice. It is through the commitment of a number or organizations under the banner of the Laguna Bluebelt Coalition that presented a united message that made a difference.”
Mary Fegraus, Environmental Leader

“As leaders in our community for the past five years, the Bluebelt Coalition worked hard to obtain much-needed protection for our coastal waters…On December 15, 2010 at the Fish and Game Commission meeting in Santa Barbara, the Laguna Bluebelt Coalition accomplished the impressive task of gaining marine protection for our entire city.”
Michelle A. Reinglass, ADR

*From letters written to the Environmental Committee in support of awarding the Laguna Bluebelt Coalition the 2010 Environmental Award for Laguna Beach.